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5 Places to Take Your Chocoholic

The Burlington Chocolate Trail A few weeks ago I was invited to preview what will be the Burlington Chocolate Trail - happening the whole month of May. All I really noticed when I saw the invitation was CHOCOLATE. (How did they know I was a chocoholic?) I LOVE sweets, cakes, chocolate, marshmallows, gooey stuff. So d'uh of course I was very excited to go.  Last year I visited some great spots in Burlington and had a blast. I had no idea prior to that trip how amazing this town to the west of Toronto was. It's a great place to bring your family for a Staycation. Back to the Chocolate Trail…

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Chocolate Pretzels!

This is a neat little treat with any size of pretzels that you can make with every seasonal colour. Today we are going to use Christmas colours. My very good friend Micheline Kerswell, taught me how to make these.  We used to get the kids together at Christmas break to do up hundreds of these pretzels when they were younger. Micheline is from a traditional French Canadian family and they have some amazing recipes and I've been fortunate enough to try many of them and even more fortunate to learn the secrets of how they are made.  I'll use images to illustrate…

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Hippoty Hoppoty Happy Easter Treats!

Crazy Mad Hunting Success to You ALL! I grew up in Scarborough in a semi-detached bungalow house with a finished basement apartment. One Easter morning, my two brothers and my sister and I were instructed to go down into this apartment - apparently an investigation needed to be launched.  It was very dark in our basement. And spooky. If not for the little foil sparkly on the floor by the light switch we wouldn’t have made it. With ALL the lights turned on we proceeded to hunt our little hearts out. As the oldest of the four, I had to…

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