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Dressing Like the Cool Kids

I've been at a loss lately about what to wear. Nothing feels right. I hurt my back a couple months again and fell into the yoga pants habit for comfort. Then the excuses were: it's only shopping, walking the dogs, driving the kid to school, visiting friends for coffee etc. It's really snowballed lately.  A couple weeks ago I was invited to an influencer event with people who engage the public via social media. Since the location was Forest Hill in Toronto I was pretty sure yoga pants wouldn't be ok to wear. So I went to the closet and made some…

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A Break in the Chaos

It's that time of the year when it seems like everyone is going in different directions. Talk about chaos. Especially today. My daughter had 3 Christmas concerts to perform in. Two were during school so I picked her up when the bell rang and took her out for a break to our favourite coffee shop.  Things have been very different this Christmas with my son living away in residence for the first time in another city. Our usual traditions of getting the tree up and decorating the house felt different. I've certainly noticed a difference and I know my daughter has too.…

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Shopping – Treat or Torture?

It’s an adventure. It’s torture. It’s educational. For some it’s an addiction. For me, it’s sometimes therapeutic. When it isn’t torture that is.  I used to enjoy wandering around stores and malls. Then I became a mum and for some reason that ruined it for me. I became a stay at home mum after Thing 2 came along. When you have two littles with you in a retail environment you have to be prepared to change your plans at the drop of a hat, or soother as it may be. The tantrum moment happened once only. They never tried that again…

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