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6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all…

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Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Death has a way of sneaking up on you in your daily life. I guess life is a sexually transmitted disease and it's terminal. I try not to think too much about it but sometimes it gets in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. It's hard to comprehend - like the vastness of the universe. I was at the vets with Monty recently and a lady was there with her dog who'd been hit by a car. It was so sad. He was flailing around in pain and trying to sit up because she was there. He wanted to…

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