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Visiting the Salvador Dalí Museum

Recently my daughter found herself with a few days off in between semesters so we did want any sane Canadian would do and swapped our white snowy beaches for white sandy ones. In a rare and unexpected weather week, we encountered the coldest temperatures Florida has seen in decades. This led us to visits to some inside venues - including the highly recommended Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg. Let me show you a little of what we found... The building itself is a lovely homage to Dalí's use of opposing shapes and the fibonacci sequence with a garden in…

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Think, Blink and Get the Heck Outta Here!

If I could somehow be transported to a place anywhere within the blink of an eye, where would I go? My first instinct is to think of one of the many lovely beaches I remember, perhaps in the Haliburtons. Because it is very cold right now though I’d rather go to the southern end of the continent and in Florida to the beach I visited two years ago called Clearwater. It was a lovely beach with soft sand like baby powder. I couldn't stop picking the sand up and letting it run through my fingers. So soft.  The obligatory palm trees…

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