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Girls Movie Night Has Arrived!

We have been talking about doing a Girls Pizza / Movie Night for so long and it is finally here! There will be lots of yummy treats, wine and pizza. The only thing is we aren't sure  what to watch yet so I am bringing the following 3 Netflix ideas to the table: The Discovery SUPER weird idea that this scientist has discovered where you go when you die. Or has he? Millions of people around the planet decide to kill themselves to go where he says they will go but what really happens to them? I have seen this movie and…

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Iced Tea Cocktails

Tea Time   In Canada we have officially reached summer. I can smell the roses blooming and the frogs croaking away all night. The local weather warning statements have started coming out calling for 'sudden and severe thunder storms' in response to the very high moisture in the air. Today we've reached fish tank humidity levels. Cottages are opened up, boats dropped in the water and beaches rediscovered for most of the population.  What better time could I ask for to experiment with cocktails? I’ll be all set for the summer.  I've always preferred iced tea over pop which is why I…

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fire pit oven diy

DIY Fire Pit Oven

The Fire Pit/Oven Thingy Here, in Ontario, we are sometimes graced by warm days for swimming and cooler nights for snuggling in the same day. These tend to occur, although rarely, during the season previously known as SPRING. It's been a pretty good year for this phenomena. This weekend in Keswick we celebrated a birthday with some awesome family peeps. As the day wound down, Uncle Mike surprised us all by declaring we would be able to sit around a fire that night. Mike's Dad had given him an old cast iron stove, or fire pit/oven thingy, that had been sitting around in his garage. Mike,…

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Fire, Friends and Food

This evening I spent a wonderful time with some of very good friends having a "Gathering Around the CrockPots." One of the kids made this super awesome sign to welcome everyone. We lined up the crocks, dished out the food and snuggled around a big table outside to enjoy our feast. There was a Chicken Mushroom crockpot, a Thai Chicken crockpot, Freezer Leftovers Soup crockpot, and the Simple Lasagna CrockPot that I brought. ( You can find that recipe on the Yummy Mummy Club website here. ) After dinner we enjoyed a fire in the backyard pit. It's a lovely…

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Inside Studio 65

 The Steven and Chris Show Today I went on an adventure to the Steven and Chris Show with my lovely friends Yvette, Debbie and Bev. I almost didn't make it since my car died at the gas station for no apparent reason. With cables in hand I found a nice driver to give me a boost. I think my car tried to freeze to death from the cold. It was a very cold day in Toronto. -18°c with a windchill of -30°c. In case you aren't aware, 'windchill' refers to how cold it actually feels, especially when the wind is…

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bras off graphic

Bras off!

It is 10:10pm and I've been sitting here for hours trying to come up with my absolute last blog post of the year, (32 in a row too). The Things have taken off for fun New Year's Eve shenanigans, Hubs is on the way home from a work day that started at 4am, and I am trying not to fall asleep. To say things have changed over the past decades is an understatement. 9pm is the new midnight woohoo! How did I keep up with myself in the 'before'? (Before kids that is.) It really seemed to matter. Helena McMann,…

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Irish Cream

Home Made Irish Cream – Say What!?

Everybody Loves Irish Cream with ice, coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream... Step One: Get all the ingredients together: Step Two: Stare in awe at the huge pile of ingredients: Step Three: Bring over a whole bunch of friends: Step Four: Mix: Step Five: Bottle (or jar): Step Six: Enjoy! This Irish Cream is better than store bought! The Third Annual McMann Homemade Irish Cream night was another HUGE success! Thanks you guys and I hope we do it again next year! You know what goes good with Irish Cream? Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole

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I was on an Oprah Winfrey Network Reality TV Show – True Story!

And just like that, our lives were changed forever... The Oprah Winfrey Network's Second Season of Million Dollar Neighbourhood. None of us could have anticipated just how hard it would end up being. Imagine the chaos generated in putting 100 families from different backgrounds, races, economic status, sexual orientations, and opinions together for ten weeks. The expectation was that this composition of families would all struggle together to achieve weekly personal, financial and community goals. For ten weeks we were given seemingly impossible challenges and told they had to be completed within six days. Simultaneously, each family was required to…

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