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Frozen Beach Glass

At this time of the year it is really so wonderful to get out into nature, breath the fresh, cold air, and move your body. When you live in a snowy place half the year you learn to either find things to do outside or you are miserable while you wait for spring. My husband and I like to head to the beach to check out the waves - they take on a whole new character in the winter. The beach is my happy place and somewhere I feel connected to the planet. I can think about life while listening to…

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Fire, Friends and Food

This evening I spent a wonderful time with some of very good friends having a "Gathering Around the CrockPots." One of the kids made this super awesome sign to welcome everyone. We lined up the crocks, dished out the food and snuggled around a big table outside to enjoy our feast. There was a Chicken Mushroom crockpot, a Thai Chicken crockpot, Freezer Leftovers Soup crockpot, and the Simple Lasagna CrockPot that I brought. ( You can find that recipe on the Yummy Mummy Club website here. ) After dinner we enjoyed a fire in the backyard pit. It's a lovely…

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