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A Letter to my daughter

Dear Baby Girl: I want to talk to you about high school. Just so you know, it isn't about learning stuff. It isn't about getting good grades or how many friends you have. It's not about remembering a locker combination. School is about learning to deal with the ups and downs of life, with disappointment, with heartache. It's about learning to cope when everything sucks and you can't find an ounce of motivation to write one more useless essay on a subject you don't care about and will never use. It's about learning not to give all your time to the…

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empty nest

Temporary Empty Nest Syndrome

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your house back to yourself again? To be free of the accumulation that builds up whenever there are kids around regardless of their ages? Or at least to put it all away for a little while? time We are about to have the opportunity to find out about this.  This school year my son will be going back to his 3rd year of computer studies at university and my daughter will be starting in medical sciences at college. Both will be living away from home. Even though they won't…

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Early Memories

A long time ago - the beginning of time for me anyway, I met an amazing and powerful woman with crazy ideas that filled my head with ways of thinking outside of the box. She had a different way of seeing things that some might call brilliant, odd or creative but I prefer to think of as eclectic. mum Most people call her Lynn, Counsellor Silverton, or if they are really brave, Evelyn. I prefer to call her Mum.  My mum has been many things in her life including an artist, nurse, airline stewardess, x-ray technician, legal secretary, office manager,…

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Sandbox Memories

I grew up in a place called Scarborough. It was the little town that grew and when I was a pre-teen it became a city. Then it was gobbled up by what we used to call 'Downtown' - it became part of the massive city of Toronto, or the 'GTA.' When I was little I wanted so badly to leave home. My childhood was rife with conflict and many bad memories. My family had broken there. My siblings and I scattered as soon as we could.  Speaking of the squirrel chronologs,  I'm about to share a bunch of random memories with you... My house felt…

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Being Tall

What Being Tall Means to Me by Thing 1 Being tall has its disadvantages, the head hitting, the inability to fit in with the crowd and the growing pains, oh God the growing pains. I have always been on the taller side of my peers. It was not until the last five years that I really shot up and in the last two that I realized that the “disadvantages” of being tall were just lessons to highlight all of its advantages. All doors are low to some. Walking around my home, specifically the basement, things started getting closer and closer…

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