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Whatever Makes You Happy

This is a re-post from a couple of years ago - I thought it was a good time to remind people of this. Remember to find some time to relax this week. :)  I read a fantastic post a couple of years ago by Jennifer Powell about celebrating something when YOU want to - not when the calendar says you HAVE to. (Moveable Feast) I really feel like I can do this now without feeling guilty. Happy  My husband and I have rescheduled celebrations in the past because we haven't had a choice and always felt it was a let down to people. Not to mention…

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My Husband Loves Me

Here's my mushy one... ( And no it's not Christmas related. ) My husband loves me when he peels me four clementines and leaves them in straight lines My husband loves me when he puts clean sheets on the bed - while I am curled up in a ball with them warm from the dryer My husband loves me when he makes me a virgin cesaer exactly the way I like it - with a cup of tea My husband loves me when he makes me crackers, with cheddar and olives - and mayo on the side when I’m cranky (which…

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Think, Blink and Get the Heck Outta Here!

If I could somehow be transported to a place anywhere within the blink of an eye, where would I go? My first instinct is to think of one of the many lovely beaches I remember, perhaps in the Haliburtons. Because it is very cold right now though I’d rather go to the southern end of the continent and in Florida to the beach I visited two years ago called Clearwater. It was a lovely beach with soft sand like baby powder. I couldn't stop picking the sand up and letting it run through my fingers. So soft.  The obligatory palm trees…

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