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Watching Strong Women

Then When I was a kid I found lots of heroes who were women on tv. Most of my life lessons occurred on the small screen while I was desperately attempting to ignore the chaos around me created by my siblings. It was the only escape as I fantasized about being a "grown up".  There wasn't a more obvious option than Wonder Woman with her truth lasso. Charlie's Angels had skills I admired and it seemed to me that if you were to combine these three women you would have the perfect human. They were what I envisioned as the "Modern Woman" - able to take…

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Impossible Possibilities

Do you see this picture? Look at it closely as it represents impossible possibilities, defiance of the odds and the miracle that is Flynn. I remember when Flynn was born - it made enough of an impression on me as a teen to step out of the "me" zone and notice. How exciting to have a baby in the family and so close by. She was a healthy, happy, mesmerizing baby. Things were going quite well with Flynn and her two her little sisters Brodie and Jordie. These blonde cutie-pies had it all - intelligence, compassion, looks and a great cousin/babysitter. ;) Playing with Flynn and…

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