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Insta September

Insta Good September feels like the beginning of things. For most of my life it meant the start of school and it continues to be for the kids. It's a weird time of year with the weather not behaving in a 'traditional' manner and being so hot these days, it makes it feel more like summer than autumn.  I posted my daily flowers again in September and it seems the yellow flower pictures continue to be the most popular ones. Two out of the top three were sunflower images.  Here are the top 5 based on post likes and what I like…

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August is a bittersweet time around here - it's the month you have to squeeze in everything you wanted to get done for summer and the countdown is on before my son goes back to Kingston for school. With both kids working full time hours at their jobs we didn't have time to do much this summer except take little trips on their days off. That's ok though - they both need to save. I suspect after all these hard working hours they will want to stay in school as long as they possibly can. Here are some of the images…

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