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Muskoka Getaway Feature Image for Couples Resort

Our Romantic Getaway

If you are thinking about places to go this summer with your significant other, please allow me to suggest one of my favourite parts of the Muskoka Region in Whitney, Ontario:   The Scenario We had a crazy insane summer. My husband had two jobs, I had two jobs, both our kids had a job each. Very different schedules and hours with no public transportation and only two cars that both ended up dying half way through the summer. To say it was stressful would be a terrific understatement. I love my husband and having been with him for 24 years…

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A Letter to my daughter

Dear Baby Girl: I want to talk to you about high school. Just so you know, it isn't about learning stuff. It isn't about getting good grades or how many friends you have. It's not about remembering a locker combination. School is about learning to deal with the ups and downs of life, with disappointment, with heartache. It's about learning to cope when everything sucks and you can't find an ounce of motivation to write one more useless essay on a subject you don't care about and will never use. It's about learning not to give all your time to the…

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apples Feature

Apples, Apples Everywhere

I’m so excited that it’s 'apple picking season’. I have a TON of memories about apples in my life. Growing up in Ontario I have been so blessed to be able to enjoy this fruit fresh picked every year.  I remember going out with my Dad each year to pick the perfect apple. My three siblings and I would resist going to the apple farm early in the cool autumn mornings but then we wouldn’t want to leave. My dad would force us to get bundled up soon after the new school year started and we’d begin the trek out.…

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5 Places to Take Your Chocoholic

The Burlington Chocolate Trail A few weeks ago I was invited to preview what will be the Burlington Chocolate Trail - happening the whole month of May. All I really noticed when I saw the invitation was CHOCOLATE. (How did they know I was a chocoholic?) I LOVE sweets, cakes, chocolate, marshmallows, gooey stuff. So d'uh of course I was very excited to go.  Last year I visited some great spots in Burlington and had a blast. I had no idea prior to that trip how amazing this town to the west of Toronto was. It's a great place to bring your family for a Staycation. Back to the Chocolate Trail…

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Romantic Options for Relationship Building

Imagine a weekend away at a romantic retreat for you and your honey - a welcoming fire, five course dinner, wine, outdoor hot tub - total pampering. What would you do? I have some suggestions based on the options we had on a recent visit the Couple's Resort just south of Algonquin Park in Whitney, Ontario.  There are so many things I love about this place - especially the flowers! Outdoor Activities There are so many options to choose from! You can journey around the gorgeous Galeairy lake like we did with a canoe or kayak quietly paddling by the islands blooming with…

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Where the Heart is

This is the first of several posts I'm doing with a lovely group of ladies about crafting with stuff you have at home. It's a "Stash Craft Challenge"! Yay! I've got lots of stashes of so much craft stuff! So follow along with us and I'll post everyone's links at the bottom so you can check them out too! Map Craft This craft is a map I made for my son when he went off to university. I wanted to give him something that was significant and would remind him of home. I also wanted to let him know that we…

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It has happened - we are engaged. By engaged I mean committed. And by committed I mean to an act of craziness that might just save my life completely - medically and psychologically. I found out last fall that I needed to make some major changes in my life "or else". Keeping an open mind for a solution this is what I found: The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, or WLFM, is an approach to improving one's life in many ways and it only takes 2% of your entire day to be involved. 15 minutes of intentional movement, 5 minutes of personal…

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- anniversary trip

Cheers to 24 Years

A Good Long Time #24years  I can't believe it's been 24 years since I met the man of my dreams. Ironically we grew up within a dozen blocks of each other in Toronto, Ontario but never met until we went out of town to celebrate Oktoberfest in Kitchener that fateful night. It seems only fitting that this anniversary be celebrated with beer – it being a 2-4 and all. We were invited by Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island to explore the area and enjoy some of their excellent selection of fall delights including canoeing, beer, great food and culture. This area is rich…

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Family Bonding in Burlington

Bonding Time During Our Staycation We've had a big change this past year - our oldest child went away to university and lived in residence in another town. (Click here to see more of this.) bonding As a very close family, this adjustment was not an easy one for any of us but we survived. Now, after a year of our son being independent, we need to make another adjustment to this adult who came home to live with us for the summer. It's another big one too. I have felt a bit of distance between the three of us and my…

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Gilmore Girls

Honorary Gilmore Girls

We are honorary Gilmore Girls! Sarcasm, humour, love - all part of the glue for mother/daughter bonding. My daughter and I escape with Gilmore Girls. It has so many life lessons for both of us. We've watched this series together a few times. She tells me now that she is older she has a much better appreciation for the humour. My daughter says one of her favourite 'comfort' memories is watching Gilmore Girls on the couch together - just the two of us. We love ALL THE STUFF on this show. This show has given us so many opportunities to discuss life situations including family relationships, adult romance, teen friendships,…

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My Dad, My Rock

When I lost my Dad I felt like a part of me had died too. Grief was a tangible object that I held in my hand all the time and couldn’t put down. Like a jagged rock. I wasn’t ready for him to leave. He wasn’t ready to go. As the months and years went by I started to put my rock away in my pocket for little bits of time. I’d always put my hand in my pocket to feel the sharp edges. They were still there.  Grief was like that for me - a constant, ever present companion that hurt…

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My Husband Loves Me

Here's my mushy one... ( And no it's not Christmas related. ) My husband loves me when he peels me four clementines and leaves them in straight lines My husband loves me when he puts clean sheets on the bed - while I am curled up in a ball with them warm from the dryer My husband loves me when he makes me a virgin cesaer exactly the way I like it - with a cup of tea My husband loves me when he makes me crackers, with cheddar and olives - and mayo on the side when I’m cranky (which…

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20 Years of Something

This man is the person I have vowed to spend the rest of my life with. He knows me more than any other human, he accepts my quirks, and understands why I am the way I am. I feel the same way about him, (and trying to change him is one of my quirks lol). Our wedding day was a comedy of errors but at the end of it all we have been married 20 years today, and we met 23 years ago. In his ring I had the the following words engraved: 'Today I marry my best friend'. This…

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Thankful Life

It's the weekend in Canada when we stop and appreciate everything we are grateful for. I am grateful for many things including, but not limited to: 1. Health I am alive, I can still love, play, work. I have what so many don't. I read an amazing, profound quote recently that said:   2. My Family Hubs and Things 1&2   3. My furbabies Monty and Mazey   4. The internet My internet is not blocked, or restricted and I cannot be arrested for using it in this country, unlike others elsewhere.   5. Canada I love this country. It is…

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Time to Slam into a Brick Wall – Again

Time Have you ever looked at your crying, runny nosed, unrelenting, needing 'who knows what' baby and felt like time was standing still? Like you were stuck in an unending merry-go-round of feeding, changing, cleaning, carrying, repeat? I felt that way many times 18 years ago. Some days I thought I’d never get through it. I was miserable and my new son was an uncommunicative alien who was unreasonable and sucking the life out of me.  I’d been on the fast track with my career in a very powerful, rapidly expanding National communications company as purchasing manager. The money, benefits and four weeks vacation…

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