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The Ugly and Delicious Mushroom Pork Sauce

I was challenged recently to find a new flavour combination using mushrooms and some kind of meat - something brand new that I'd never made before. I'll be honest this boggled me since I use mushrooms with most things and wasn't sure I could come up with something new. But I succeeded! I've made this 'sauce' a few times now and my family loves it. You can have it with eggs for breakfast as I will show here, with rice or with mashed potatoes. One friend who tried it thinks it would be good with biscuits or toasted English muffins. …

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Become a Bacon Believer

There are many crazy things on the internet these days. So many. Last year, Hubs and I discovered the mad talents of the Ninja powered, safety oriented and video savvy Crazy Russian Hacker. This man combines elegant speech with wildly clever demonstrations for a myriad of breathtaking and awesome life hacks. Seriously - he is one cool dude and I admire his confidence. In an attempt to read something other than the usual health conscious bloggity-blog that pops up at this time of the year, I decided to post about one of my favourite things - Bacon. The timing for seeing this video was…

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Lunch Adventures

Welcome back to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. I had no idea such a pretty area existed in downtown Oshawa. Some interesting twists happen on this lunch break. I wonder where you'd end up if it was for an hour. Thanks for sharing Nan!   Having a Slice of Life on a Sunny Day in Oshawa It was raining on and off all weekend. My body was craving some sunshine today. Being stuck inside all morning pushing paper, pushing a keyboard and people pushing my buttons finally pushed me over the edge. Taking matters into my own hands, I…

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