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Apples, Apples Everywhere

I’m so excited that it’s 'apple picking season’. I have a TON of memories about apples in my life. Growing up in Ontario I have been so blessed to be able to enjoy this fruit fresh picked every year.  I remember going out with my Dad each year to pick the perfect apple. My three siblings and I would resist going to the apple farm early in the cool autumn mornings but then we wouldn’t want to leave. My dad would force us to get bundled up soon after the new school year started and we’d begin the trek out.…

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Early Memories

A long time ago - the beginning of time for me anyway, I met an amazing and powerful woman with crazy ideas that filled my head with ways of thinking outside of the box. She had a different way of seeing things that some might call brilliant, odd or creative but I prefer to think of as eclectic. mum Most people call her Lynn, Counsellor Silverton, or if they are really brave, Evelyn. I prefer to call her Mum.  My mum has been many things in her life including an artist, nurse, airline stewardess, x-ray technician, legal secretary, office manager,…

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My Santa Suspicions

Here is a random memory from my childhood you might be able to relate to: My bedroom was at the end of the hall directly down from the living room. I remember waking up Christmas Eve after everyone had gone to sleep to hear some rustling noises in the living room - it was quite the 'a clatter'. There was a faint glow coming under my door too.   I held my breath and could hear the clunky sounds from the roof that must have been the reindeer hooves. I was so scared Santa would find out I was awake and…

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Sandbox Memories

I grew up in a place called Scarborough. It was the little town that grew and when I was a pre-teen it became a city. Then it was gobbled up by what we used to call 'Downtown' - it became part of the massive city of Toronto, or the 'GTA.' When I was little I wanted so badly to leave home. My childhood was rife with conflict and many bad memories. My family had broken there. My siblings and I scattered as soon as we could.  Speaking of the squirrel chronologs,  I'm about to share a bunch of random memories with you... My house felt…

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Life is a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Death has a way of sneaking up on you in your daily life. I guess life is a sexually transmitted disease and it's terminal. I try not to think too much about it but sometimes it gets in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. It's hard to comprehend - like the vastness of the universe. I was at the vets with Monty recently and a lady was there with her dog who'd been hit by a car. It was so sad. He was flailing around in pain and trying to sit up because she was there. He wanted to…

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Hippoty Hoppoty Happy Easter Treats!

Crazy Mad Hunting Success to You ALL! I grew up in Scarborough in a semi-detached bungalow house with a finished basement apartment. One Easter morning, my two brothers and my sister and I were instructed to go down into this apartment - apparently an investigation needed to be launched.  It was very dark in our basement. And spooky. If not for the little foil sparkly on the floor by the light switch we wouldn’t have made it. With ALL the lights turned on we proceeded to hunt our little hearts out. As the oldest of the four, I had to…

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