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This Nest is Best

Grim #LifeReady I've been thinking a lot about my financial future lately - usually between 2 - 4 am. It's just a thing I do occasionally. Most days actually. Well ok if I'm being completely honest, all days. Things have gotten - difficult - lately. An opportunity to discuss how I feel about my financial readiness for the future has come up. So here goes. 5 years ago Hubs was laid off from a job he'd had for 15 years since graduating. I'd been employed full time up until we decided I'd stay home to raise Things 1 and 2. Then…

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Free Money for School

I can't believe how much paperwork is involved with sending your child to University. Some papers you must fill in over a year in advance. Some you can't fill in until graduation. In between there are more forms than I could keep track of. In Canada, there are many places to find free money including companies you or your family works for, places you do business with, (i.e. banks,) your high school, civic organizations and the college or university you are considering. As well: Scholarships Canada University Study Yconic Government of Canada Youth Financial Consumer Agency of Canada CanLearn OSAP Here's…

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