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Loving my Sockies

You know what I have noticed over the years? Everyone gets socks for Christmas. Could it be a tradition related to stockings? I have concluded that this is not only a very popular idea for gift giving but it needs to be taken to the next level. If you are serious about your sock giving intentions, you must keep reading. ( Spoiler alert - there is a discount code coming up! ) There are so many wonderful things about this company I found called SockBox.ca. It's socks... delivered to your door! Each and every one is special and unique. What a cool idea! Everyone…

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Eclecticsoapbox review of DollarShaveClub

Shaving a Buck or Fifty

Still searching for that last minute gift idea?  You can order this one online and it'll be delivered to your gift recipient every month for a year! ( Or one month - or three, or 6 - whatever you like. ) Suitable for any budget it's the gift that's useful, convenient and you'll be remembered with every delivery.  Shave a bundle off your last minute shopping with a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. It’s fun the whole family will enjoy receiving over and over again. Why it's included in the Gifts Students Won't Hate List... ...is because my son…

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