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Early Memories

A long time ago - the beginning of time for me anyway, I met an amazing and powerful woman with crazy ideas that filled my head with ways of thinking outside of the box. She had a different way of seeing things that some might call brilliant, odd or creative but I prefer to think of as eclectic. mum Most people call her Lynn, Counsellor Silverton, or if they are really brave, Evelyn. I prefer to call her Mum.  My mum has been many things in her life including an artist, nurse, airline stewardess, x-ray technician, legal secretary, office manager,…

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Title page for Reflections of a Grumpalump

Reflections of a Grumpalump

Reflections of a Grumpalump... Can I say it now? I have been, amongst other things, treated like dirt, hijacked in the middle of what I thought was a neutral conversation, not thanked, vomited on, and taken for granted for a long time. Sure, sure kids it's ok to vent, feel safe and loved no matter what you dish out. You guessed it - I am a mum. It's awesome to have mini versions of hubs and I who know it all and exist solely to correct me in my old feebleness. Thank dogs they can tell me "it’s not the seventies" anymore -…

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