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The Ugly Pumpkin

I was at the grocery store recently and of course there are pumpkins everywhere. It doesn't matter where you look this week you can't miss them. It must have been a good year for pumpkins. There's all sorts of different colours and varieties these days - even at the boring old grocery store they've spiced things up and have a few interesting varieties. Yesterday I saw orange, green, white and pink. But this post is about the ugliest pumpkin I've ever seen. It was called a peanut pumpkin. To me it looked like something had gone terribly wrong on the…

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5 Fun Family Things to do in Burlington Part 2

More Family Fun in Burlington! Day 2 After a great sleep at the Waterfront Hotel our friendly driver Don picked us up and drove to Beach Life Forever. He was the person who got us everywhere we needed to go on our first day on this adventure too. I love having someone drive me to the airport - I will definitely call Airways Transit the next time we take a trip. Don was a great driver. Friendly and knowledgeable about the area. 3. Burlington Beach Rentals - Yoga Here are some of the other fine bloggers I was on the tour with. There…

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