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How to Survive Your Child Leaving Home

People keep telling me that he'll be fine, he needs to grow into the adult he will be, he has to make his own mistakes now. I know that. And I know I've done my job and he will be fine. Plus, it'll only be temporary, I hope. Long ago, I lived in residence and I think I remember a few things that will help him feel at home and prepared. Here are some of my ideas: Getting ready to go We aren't going to leave this until the day before. Not while I'm still in charge haha. We've been looking at lists on…

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The red light shines down on the ice, like blood spilling from two bullet wounds. Voices forever gone, unable to share in the unity of our national anthem. The fallen know nothing of it, of anything anymore. They rest. Our eyes peer through the electronic haze, searching for answers, accepting the truth. Minuscule drops of fear roll down our cheeks, like fresh stains on the pavement - proof of life, and loss.

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