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6 Reasons Why

This April we were introduced to a new show on Netflix that has stirred many passionate responses from people across the country. We have heard of youth facilities that have actually banned this show from their lineup concerned about how it will be perceived by youth. This response surprises myself, my husband who works with youth and my daughter who is an 18 year old teen. She was actually motivated to write this post to share her thoughts on why she thinks we should all watch 13 Reasons Why, get into it on a personal level, and talk.  My reasons why we should all…

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

In an earlier post here, I explained our new idea family plan for this Christmas gift giving to ensure the kids get useful and meaningful gifts that we think will be more appreciated than the old style of 'bulk' gifting. It's all about quality over quantity. In this post I want to explain a few cool ideas for stocking stuffers - for teens and adults too. These items can be purchased all across Canada. PLUS, at the end you will see a very awesome giveaway for some stocking stuffers too.  Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Both of our kids are teens and…

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The Horrors of a Learner’s Permit

Sometimes... I feel like it will give me a heart attack. This is the year we have had two G1 drivers in the house. In case you don't know what that means, it's a level of driver's license that means a fully licensed driver must be in the car at all times. Sober. It's a learner's permit basically - stage two. horrors If the student has attended a driving school they will be allowed to apply for their G2 in 8 months. Otherwise they must wait a whole year before attempting it. They can drive everywhere except federal highways. ( The…

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How to be a Super Hero!

Something very special happened today. Thing 1 donated blood for the first time. What a mature, selfless thing to do. He's only 17. He joins a long line of donor's in this family including his Dad (10 years) and Grandpa (who was a donor since it started until his death in 1999.)  Click here to find out: Who does my blood donation help? Two other teens we know were there as well. Yay teens! Each month Thing 2 volunteers at the blood bank and plans to donate as soon as she reaches 17. It was a long wait so I decided to…

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