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Mum’s Sausage Tomato Casserole

This recipe was taught to me by my mum. I have very early recollections of her preparing the layers, peppering each one as she made it and the delicious smells that steadily grew. This is one of my favourite meals. You will need: ( All the amounts depend on what you like best. This list will tell you the minimum you need. ) 1 pack breakfast sausages, ( or whatever flavour you love, ); Can of diced tomatoes - drained; 1 Large onion; Green beans drained - canned, or frozen - canned works best due to the consistency; Potatoes to make enough…

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Lunch Adventures

Welcome back to my friend and guest poster Nan Kulset. I had no idea such a pretty area existed in downtown Oshawa. Some interesting twists happen on this lunch break. I wonder where you'd end up if it was for an hour. Thanks for sharing Nan!   Having a Slice of Life on a Sunny Day in Oshawa It was raining on and off all weekend. My body was craving some sunshine today. Being stuck inside all morning pushing paper, pushing a keyboard and people pushing my buttons finally pushed me over the edge. Taking matters into my own hands, I…

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