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Dale Chihuly Exhibit at the ROM

Prepare to have your mind blown Last year my brother introduced me to the glass artist known as Dale Chihuly. I saw a few pieces of his work in Gantineau in the lobby of Hotel Lac-Leamy. I always wanted to see it up close and personal and I finally got my chance recently at his exhibit in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum. You can see it too! I was like a little fan girl when I first saw this row boat and my daughter laughed at me for having tears in my eyes when we walked in. I've cyber stalked the…

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Leaf’s Fan Fest

Recently we attended Fan Fest for the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre. This was our first time going so we weren't sure what to expect. It is an event open to anyone as long as you sign up for tickets. Every fan was allowed to get a signature of an ex-Leaf player, Al Iafraiti. When we first arrived we had to wait in a LONG LINE to get this one:  We managed to be at the end of the line but we made it. It was held in the Raptor's practice court room which was kind of interesting. The…

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Inside Studio 65

 The Steven and Chris Show Today I went on an adventure to the Steven and Chris Show with my lovely friends Yvette, Debbie and Bev. I almost didn't make it since my car died at the gas station for no apparent reason. With cables in hand I found a nice driver to give me a boost. I think my car tried to freeze to death from the cold. It was a very cold day in Toronto. -18°c with a windchill of -30°c. In case you aren't aware, 'windchill' refers to how cold it actually feels, especially when the wind is…

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