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Treasure Hunting

There are few things as exciting to me as walking into a thrift shop with an hour or so of free time. It's retail therapy at it best. $20, an empty shopping cart and a whole world of mysterious possibilities. There's treasures to be had m'hearty! There's so many different types of second hand shops to choose from these days. You've got the 'big box' stores like Value Village, Goodwill Industries, and the Salvation Army Thrift Stores on the one side and the tons of little ones for seemingly every charity and church known on the other. Prices, cleanliness, store organization and quality seem…

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Eclectic Adventures in Orono

"Main Thru Church" Antique Mall If you are looking for someplace intriguing to hang out in for a few hours, Orono may have you losing all track of time. There are so many different things to do there from parks and shops to explore to gastronomical treats that will make you want to come back again and again. On this day I checked out some really nice places including one of their antique stores. Here are some cool finds from the Main Thru Church Antique Mall: Come have a look in Orono to see what else is in stock. Many different vendors are…

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