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Shortbread Cookies

I am about to show you how to make the most delicious shortbread cookies you will ever try. This recipe is being posted early so we have time to prepare for any parties or cravings that might sneak up. I'm making them in anticipation of a repeat of last year when I found out the same day that my daughter needed some for school and if they don't end up going there we'll enjoy them at home - they are DELICIOUS.  My favourite shortbread recipe can be found on the back of the Canada Corn Starch box. I've made this so many times…

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Best Apple Cake Recipe

My very good friend and incredible baker Maria Jose Condesa recently visited me. She was determined to help me deal with the apple surplus I had from my tree this year. It seemed to be an excellent year for my fruit trees. They have grown so high! Not so good for tomatoes though. This apple cake is very delicious warm out of the oven, cooled down or re-heated.  As I watched her prepare and bake this cake I realized how lucky I am to have: An apple tree in my backyard; A country to live in that has ever changing…

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Ginger Sandwich Cookies with Lemon Filling

Prepare for ginger "gastrogasms"... ...with this cookie when you try it - it is ridiculously delicious. The ginger flavour is perfect and the sweet and tangy lemon icing makes me want to lick all the leftovers out of the bowl. Together they are the best match made since my husband and I met.  This recipe came from the new cookbook called Lick Your Plate and I was very excited to receive it earlier this month. I asked my family to pick a few recipes we could try out. After extensive thinking and LONG turns, this is what they came up with: (How crazy is…

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Last Minute Cookies

First thing this morning my daughter informed me she needed some cookies for a party in her 4th period class. Today! So it was time to pull out the old faithful and favourite shortbread recipe from the back of the Canada Corn Starch box. I've made this so many times over the years for all occasions and I believe this one is the best.  I'm not sure how long this recipe has been around but I do know I've been making it for decades. I've seen and tried many variations of it but I always come back to the original.  You can roll…

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loaded potato buffalo chicken casserole

Attention all Picky Eaters! Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole

Last night I tried a new recipe. I'll now attempt to recreate it for you on this page. I lost the original link but it shows up on Facebook now and then. With a bit of customization, it's our favourite new dish. I even took pictures! You must understand that I live with people who all have different preferences. It's maddening. Thing one won't eat vegetables and fruit. Thing two doesn't like most dairy products. The spouse - well he will eat anything. I don't usually like seasoned potatoes. When I come across a dish that pleases them all -…

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