My friend Bev has shared one of her stories here before. Bev works in retail and meets all sorts of people. Today she ponders the self-art of tattoos.

I had a young lady at my cash the other day and she had multiple tattoos everywhere. I would say she was about 17 years of age. I LOVE TATOOS! So I was very interested in all of hers. I asked if her tattoos had a special meaning for her. She said some of them do and some don’t.

I looked at them and made some comments about how beautiful the artwork was. I also made the comment on how many she had.

Her reply to me was this:

“I am sort of a freak like that.”

She was such a beautiful young lady.

I looked right at her and I said to her:

“NEVER EVER say that you are a FREAK!

You are definitely UNIQUE!”

That put a big smile on her face and she said:


I smiled back at her and said:

“Have a great day!”

There are many options for tattoos. If you are considering getting one, I’ve been told by the previously tattoo’ed to draw what you want on your skin for a few weeks before getting inked.

I have considered getting one – especially recently. The problem is, I feel like I’d get bored of it really quickly so it would have to be extremely significant to me. The most important thing that jumps to mind is my kids. But maybe it should be about me? I’m always changing though. See what I mean?

I’ve narrowed it down to one thing I think I can live with – the ampersand symbol. It signifies options and possibilities. Now I need to decide on a font, design whatever.

At this rate I’ll be in my 80’s before I’ve made up my mind. Then at least I won’t have 40 years to get bored of it!

I’d love to hear some other opinions. Feel free to leave them in the comments.


The symbol of options


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