I have a very talented friend contributing today – Sheri Ballantyne. We met many moons ago when she first began building her scrapbooking business with Close To My Heart. Sheri ruined store bought cards for me forever after I went to one of her Christmas card seminars. She’s one of the most positive people I know and I’m so glad we met.

The Lost Art of the Greeting Card

When was the last time you received something happy in the mail? In this age of instant gratification, electronic communication and always being on the go, greeting cards … especially handmade ones … are far more rare and precious than they ever used to be. But you can change that, one greeting card at a time.

Mark an occasion with special thought

When you send a handmade greeting card to celebrate a birthday, a new baby, a graduation … any special occasion … you add importance to the milestone. These things aren’t everyday events and shouldn’t be marked by an everyday, no-thought-really-required email. A handmade card really makes the other person feel special, and we all deserve to feel that way on our important days.

wanderful birthday

Send a card “just because”.

Life moves too fast. You may be thinking of a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while, but before you know it a day, a week, maybe even a month passes before you do anything about it. I challenge you to change that! Stop for just a moment and send a card in the mail to that loved one. Drop it in the mail today and then imagine the smile on their face and the happiness in their heart when they receive it in the mailbox in a few days. Trust me – it will be something they keep, either on their fridge, in their nightstand, or somewhere else safe, so that they can look at it again and again and feel your love.

april flowers card 1

Feel happy and relieve stress just by creating your card!

I love giving cards because I love making cards. It lets my inner creative diva loose for a bit, without requiring hours of time or even an uber creative idea (Pinterest has lots of ideas and I just “borrow” those!). Usually, once I start, I don’t stop at making just one card. I make several. It’s calming and relaxing to make something from little bits of nothing. And it makes me happy to know I’ll be making someone else happy with my creation.
rainbow card
Anyone can make cards. If you can cut and paste, you can make a card. And if you really feel like you can’t, but want to, I can show you how. I have a workshop coming up on Sunday, May 24 where participants will be making 50 birthday cards in one afternoon. You can check it out here on my blog. Then contact me at justscrapit.ctmh@gmail.com to sign up.

50 card workshop full

Don’t let the art of greeting cards get lost in this electronic age.

Making and sending a card is a Win-Win scenario. The person receiving the card will feel happy and special, knowing that they are loved and remembered. You will feel happy creating that something special and putting a smile on a loved one’s face. Why not make a card today?

For more information or to book a spot, click HERE to go to Sheri’s blog.





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