The Meaning of Netflix


I ran a contest on my Instagram account recently for some free Netflix and the qualifier was to nominate a friend who didn’t have it. I thought that would be a tall order – doesn’t everyone have it by now? Why would anybody want to have cable with the commercials, delays, and frequent broadcasting disruptions? 

I was very surprised to learn that there are people out there who don’t have it. Crazy right? I was asked ‘What is Netflix’ and I had to think about how to properly answer this question. Technically it is a service that allows you to stream shows, movies and documentaries through your internet provider. You can also download things onto devices for when you are outside of internet coverage zones.

You can use Netflix to be entertained, learn from it, explore other languages and parts of the world visually, and even interact with it. But it’s so much more than that now. 

In a word, this is what I think it is:

N – new shows and movies all the time, never gets old…

E – entertainment for today’s people effective, endlessly excellent… 

T – television for ‘now’, what to do with those old TV boxes I used to endure endless commercial torture and delays on…

F – family, friends, films, features, femme, flexibility, and my favourites… 

L – love the selection, language options, streaming speed, price, value, launches, how they listen to their viewers…

I – international, interesting, and now interactive, (check these shows out to see why they are SO COOL!)

X – X Men, X Files, xXx – ok there aren’t that many things I can write about this letter eXcept that I think NetfliX is eXcellent and it is eXtremely eXciting when new shows and movies come out! 

So that is my take on this household ‘must have’. What do you think about Netflix? I really want to know – just tell me in the comments. Have a great day!

In exchange for some gifts I am given from Netflix, I am called a Netflix Ambassador and am asked to share my honest opinion on all things Netflix-y. 

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