Packing Challenge

Today is another bittersweet day at our house. My son is up in his room contemplating packing for his second year at university where he will be living in a rental house with a bunch of friends.

Last year we had many trips to the stores to stock up with everything he needs but this year, the challenge is getting him to pack. Being more independent now he doesn’t want help.

The thing is he hasn’t started this process yet. Tomorrow is the day we fill up the van for the early morning move the next day into a rental house two hours away.

Box Head the packing challenge

When he arrived home in April I wanted to unpack everything right away and repack and sort for the next year. He and Dad packed up the day he moved home from residence and I can only imagine the nightmare in those boxes.

Several times over the last four months I’ve attempted to tackle this job but was blocked by extremely dodgy objections. packing

This makes me think of how similar a 19 year old and a 3 year old are: Optimistic about their superpowers, stubborn, and soon, panicky.

Ultimately I will be allowed to help because ‘reasons’ but probably not until after the van has arrived. packing

So here we are. Tomorrow is his last shift at his summer job and when he comes home the panic will begin. I could plan to be out of the house around that time – life lessons and all. Or maybe I should sneak in there today while he is at work to get started?

In any case, I am going to miss the heck out of this silly guy – my little baby, and yes, there will be waterworks again.   

me and my little critter the packing challenge

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