The Return of Thing 1

I drove Thing 1 back to School today. It wasn’t a very dramatic farewell as it has been every other time.

I’d heard that Thanksgiving was when:

  1. Stress from everything either makes them crash or it all starts to make sense;
  2. They feel more comfortable in their dorms, and know where everything is on campus;
  3. The kids come back to school with colds ( he’s predictably got the sniffles );

He’s definitely fitting in now and is more comfortable.  A certain calmness has descended. 

This weekend marks the first visit home from Thing 1 – the first time since he’s left to go to university. Friday night he arrived and ended up going straight out to a party with his friends for a ‘reunion’.

Saturday hubs and I went out to a wedding so we missed most of the day with him but at least he had a chance to catch up and bond with Thing 2.

Sunday marked Thanksgiving and we went out of town to share a meal and laughs with family. We all ended up swimming which was really nice.

Monday he was all ours. We had the day planned out so that it would just be the four of us at home with no distractions, no other families or visits. It was a great plan until we finally dragged him out of bed at noon and he informed us that he had about 12 hours of homework to work on.


This morning I took him for an orthodontist appointment and then back to Kingston. As a surprise, he left a letter for us on the refrigerator talking about how he didn’t really realize until after midnight last night, that he actually felt quite homesick. It wasn’t until he was at home that he realize how much he missed certain things. He missed being able to pet the dogs whenever he wanted. He missed having someone wake him up in person. He missed getting made a cup of tea. And he just missed being with us in person. It is really nice to hear that he actually does miss us. It’s just kind of funny that he was only homesick when he was at home. I guess that’s the way things go.

I hope your weekend was eclectic!

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