The Ugly Pumpkin

I was at the grocery store recently and of course there are pumpkins everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you look this week you can’t miss them. It must have been a good year for pumpkins. There’s all sorts of different colours and varieties these days – even at the boring old grocery store they’ve spiced things up and have a few interesting varieties. Yesterday I saw orange, green, white and pink.


But this post is about the ugliest pumpkin I’ve ever seen. It was called a peanut pumpkin. To me it looked like something had gone terribly wrong on the pumpkin patch and the farmer was just trying to minimize his loses. I’m all in when it comes to ugly produce tasting just as good as ‘perfect’ looking stuff it’s just that these crusty things look so gross.


The sign on these said ‘You’d have to be NUTS to not buy one of these.’ Well, slow clap for effort but I’ll stay nuts thank you farmer.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

INTERESTING FACTOID I CAME ACROSS: Americans did not invent Thanksgiving. It began in Canada! Our celebration in 1578 was 43 years before the pilgrims gave thanks in 1621 for the bounty that ended a year of hardships and death.

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