Think, Blink and Get the Heck Outta Here!

If I could somehow be transported to a place anywhere within the blink of an eye, where would I go?

My first instinct is to think of one of the many lovely beaches I remember, perhaps in the Haliburtons. Because it is very cold right now though I’d rather go to the southern end of the continent and in Florida to the beach I visited two years ago called Clearwater. It was a lovely beach with soft sand like baby powder. I couldn’t stop picking the sand up and letting it run through my fingers. So soft. palm

The obligatory palm trees stretched far above and I’d hide in their shade. The waves were white tipped and the beach went on and on. Great for sand walking or wave chasing.  


It was a cool time of the year when we were there so only the hardy Canadians showed any skin. Wind ranged from gentle baby breaths to goose bump breezes but with clear skies – not a cloud in sight. 

If I could go anywhere it would be near the water. Hawaii is a typical Canadian fantasy. 


I’d also want to zip to visit friends and family around the world. But only after the beach trip to refresh, rejuvenate and renew. 

Then the idea of exploring and discovering new places and things would come up. Far away places like Australia, Tanzania, China, India. Places I’d like to go but am unable to make the financial or time commitment for now. I’d could explore for the day and sleep in my own bed at night. 

Ah the possibilities! Where would you go? 


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