Family Bonding with the Toronto Marlies

Toronto Marlies

Guest poster Paul Harris, World’s greatest Leaf fan and my partner in crime, shares his experiences at a Toronto Marlies game last week:

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining my wife and family on another sports adventure. This time we got to see the Toronto Marlies – the farm team of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, play the Devil’s from Albany (yes, New Jersey’s farm team). Most home games are played at the Ricoh Centre, however this game was played at the Air Canada Centre – home of the Leafs!

Toronto Marlies

Like our experience with the Raptors 905, the staff did a great job engaging the fans, with young players having a game during the break, T-shirts thrown into the cheering crowd and other fun games & trivia allowing fans to win prizes.

Unfortunately, the home team did not enjoy the same result and instead mimicked their big club’s recent efforts, namely losing 3 to 1, despite outshooting their opponents 35 to 25 and thoroughly dominating the second half of the game.Toronto Marlies

There was plenty of excitement, including a disallowed goal (which appeared to go over the goal line and instead of a video review, a penalty shot was awarded – which was not successful), two goal posts and a spectacular save – and those were all in the third period.

Something else exciting about our visit – a new service that was available at the game: food delivery service! (From the gold’s down.) That’s right, you can order online or as was in our case, a person came right to our seat, asked for our order and had concession food delivered to us! It was more expensive but it means no more waiting in long lines and missing large parts of the game. Just order, watch the game, then enjoy the food brought to you. Why didn’t someone think of that brilliant idea sooner? 

Toronto Marlies

With tickets starting at $12 per seat, it is another fun and affordable outing for the whole family. The big club is getting lots of production from recent graduates of the “Baby Leafs” and one can see the future is bright for the Marlies, despite the result of the game we got to take in.

I am grateful to Paul for sharing his account of the experience! It was fun to make some memories at the game with the excellent attitudes of the fans. How nice to go right after our son came home from school too – a great bonding experience for all of us. Firsts included our daughter caught a t-shirt in the biggest fan toss and our son bought his Dad a beer for the first time since hitting age of majority. I picked up some last minute gifts at the store and got some awesome pictures while we were there too. 

Toronto Marlies

If you are interested in taking your family to a game, here is a bonus link for discounts to two upcoming games (in February and March) with the Marlies at the Air Canada Centre – I hope you take advantage and keep these in mind if you are still searching for a last minute gift:

Toronto Marlies Tickets


In case you were wondering, I was given tickets to attend this game in exchange for my opinions and social media shares.  


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