Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse….

Never mind. I woke up at 6:30 this morning. The usual time. I booted it out to Costco to be first in line to have my husband’s tires switched. Left warm, sleeping puppies, cozy sheets, breakfast. Why? Because Someone is convinced any snow in the next 4 days would be paralyzing to the all season radials. Never mind the fact he’s had a couple of months to do this already. Or that it is currently 9°C. Or that my car has snow tires on already.


Aah! Today is the day it has to happen.

I think this makes me a procrastination enabler. Why put off doing today what you can get your wife to do Christmas Eve morning? The busiest retail day of the year? Seriously?

This store opens at 9. I got here at 7:30 for the “early tire centre opening” at 8. They stopped doing that last week he says sympathetically. 

There are cars circling in the parking lot. The guy sweeping here tells me this lobby was packed with crazy, irritable last minute shoppers yesterday.

He also tells me the checkout lineups went all the way to the back of the store yesterday.

Changing tires – can anyone tell me why we need to pay to have this done? Can’t we just do it ourselves? Pop four off and four on?  


It’s 8:30 now and there aren’t any other people in here waiting. I guess even the “crazies” from yesterday thought it would be too much to come in today. 

Actually the parking lot does look pretty full. These are the “über” crazy people. I bet they’re all sitting in their cars looking through the windows at me sitting here on this cold concrete stoop all alone and early and they are afraid of me. I mean really – I am officially the first in line. Them looking in, me looking out…

The sun is creeping up. The doors will be soon too. Time to get things rolling!

At least I have had time to write this post! 

Merry Christmas Lovlies!


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