Our Trip to the Future

We awoke to the alarm blaring at 4am Friday morning. It was dark – really dark. I went and woke Thing 1 up then jumped in the shower. After drying and dressing I went to wake Thing 1 up again. He likes to sleep.uni2

Breakfast, ready and out the door to Ottawa. Thing 1 went to sleep. We were accompanied by two other high school students who had already decided on Carleton and another mother.


It was snowy, pretty quiet and did I mention dark?

10866920_10152865353326970_533597319_nAfter much driving, a quick stop at Timmies and Ottawa’s morning rush hour, we arrived at Carleton University.


There are many good things to be said for Carleton. Our tour guide was a thorough and informative journalism student.

Quality of education aside, some highlights include the kilometres of underground tunnels connecting everything, the nearness to Quebec, the treadmills that come with a desk attached for studying, and the cafeteria.



We enjoyed lunch then headed for a hotel in Ottawa.

The next day was an easier drive – only two hours. Kingston is very different from Ottawa and Thing 1 felt it right away. He has an old, romantic soul and appreciated the classic architecture all around us.



Queen’s University has a lovely campus with ancient trees and the lake close by. (It also didn’t hurt that there was a girl’s volleyball tournament happening while we were there according to Thing 1.)

It is a big burden lifted off his shoulders to know where he will be spending a large chunk of the next four years. We will get him accepted, apply for scholarships and bursaries, (will discuss in a future post,) and enjoy the rest of the time with him at home for as long as possible. I don’t want to think about the empty room that will be down the hall next year. We’ll focus on getting those grades up for the near future.


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