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In Canada we have officially reached summer. I can smell the roses blooming and the frogs croaking away all night. The local weather warning statements have started coming out calling for ‘sudden and severe thunder storms’ in response to the very high moisture in the air.

Today we’ve reached fish tank humidity levels.

Cottages are opened up, boats dropped in the water and beaches rediscovered for most of the population. 

What better time could I ask for to experiment with cocktails? I’ll be all set for the summer. 

I’ve always preferred iced tea over pop which is why I was very excited to be invited to ‘invent’ some new cocktails with three of the Pure Leaf Tea flavours. (It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!)

For the purposes of this experiment, I invited a few friends to help me come up with the ultimate #pureLeafCanada #tweakYourTea combinations.

We decided to use things that we normally have around the house so it would be simple enough to make again, and again. Not to mention this turned out to be a super healthy way to get more fruits into our bodies! 

Here are the ingredients we used to create our 3 new masterpieces: 

IMG_3469 This is what we came up with:

Experiment #1: Raspy Sour Berry TeaIMG_3483


raspberry vodka – 1 ounce
raspberries – as many as you like in the glass and some for freezing in ice cubes
lemon – in the glass and on the rim
Pure Leaf Lemon Tea – add frozen tea ice cubes with raspberries inside then top up glass 

A refreshing, tart drink. Easy to modify if you prefer sweeter. I liked it this way. Some added a sugar rim. We were all happy. (Taste testing makes for very happy samplers.)

Experiment #2: Cherry Peach Fuzzy Rum Tea

second teas

coconut rum – 1/2 ounce
peach schnapps – 1 ounce
ginger chopped up really small, rubbed around rim of glass then dropped in tea
peaches and cherries for the rim and in the glass (LOTS of cherries if you are my husband.)
Pure Leaf Original Tea, including the frozen ice cubes turned into slush

I enjoyed having the pieces of ginger – it was a nice surprise in the glass! We all enjoy the coconut and peach flavours together. Very tropical! My slushie machine stopped working when I started this otherwise I was going to make a slush drink. I used the ice tea cubes instead. Next time I hope to try it like a slushie.

Experiment #3: Aussie Blue Tea

third tea

Spiced rum – 1 ounce
blueberries and blackberries- as many as you want in the glass (I like lots!)
kiwi – on the side of the glass
sugar – for the rim (use lemon on the rim first – the sweet and sour contrast is delicious)
Pure Leaf Green Tea – cubes with blueberries in them and more for the drink itself

A very nice and surprising combination putting the spiced rum with the tea. These ones had a chance to marinate for a while too which added a whole new dimension to things.  “Spectac-ulac-ular!”

Experiment Observations:

I drink lots of water and when I want a change I usually reach for iced tea. I’ve never thought to try it as a cocktail base but I’m so glad I finally have! I’ll be making these many more times.  

What I like about Pure Leaf is that it is brewed from real tea leaves picked at their freshest to deliver a genuine tea experience. This product has 0 sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners, and 0 calories – before I add all other good stuff that is! 

I ‘created’ a pitcher of the Aussie Blue Tea in advance and was able to marinate the blueberries and blackberries for a few hours – it definitely added a kick to the drink. I would recommend doing this for all of them to give the fruit a chance to soak up some good stuff and further infuse the drink with fruity flavour. 

These recipes are easy to customize or sweeten if you add a sugar rim. Just wet the rim of the glass with lemon and dip in either coloured sugar or plain sugar. I was also contemplating using some kind of drink powder to the rim but I think it would have overwhelmed the delightful subtlety of these drinks.

Raspberries and blueberries frozen in ice cubes made from the same ice tea ensured the drinks would stay flavourful and not watered down. I just love this now – usually my cubes melt so fast in the heat but this way, it won’t matter. Now I want to make ice cubes for everything I use them in.

tea cubes


Experiment Conclusion:

winning tea

Most popular was the Aussie Blue Tea followed by the Cherry Peach Fuzzy Rum Tea and the Raspy Sour Berry Tea. These drinks were refreshing, fruity and definitely recommended for summer. 

And I have to point out that it was so fun experimenting with Pure Leaf – it’s my first time inventing drinks and I must assure you I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Please feel free to make any suggestions in the comments for other combinations we could try this summer.

Disclaimer. This post was sponsored originally by @PureLeafCanada. All opinions are honest and my own.

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