DIY Fire Pit Oven

fire pit oven diy

The Fire Pit/Oven Thingy

Here, in Ontario, we are sometimes graced by warm days for swimming and cooler nights for snuggling in the same day. These tend to occur, although rarely, during the season previously known as SPRING. It’s been a pretty good year for this phenomena.

This weekend in Keswick we celebrated a birthday with some awesome family peeps. As the day wound down, Uncle Mike surprised us all by declaring we would be able to sit around a fire that night.

Mike’s Dad had given him an old cast iron stove, or fire pit/oven thingy, that had been sitting around in his garage. Mike, clever man that he is, decided it would be perfect as a safe fire pit in a residential area. We filled it up with wood, paper from the party, and some dried yard waste. Then the match was struck.

Fire pit oven

The chimney vented out the smoke, and the side vents were open to allow air to stir things up inside. Mike closed the door while things were getting going as there were many embers from the paper.

You could feel the warmth coming from it right away. In a house these things will warm up the area and keep it cozy for long periods. You can cook on the top or roast marshmallows with this outdoor one.

fire pit oven

It was so nice to pull up the lawn chairs and gaze into the flames. BONUS – the mosquitos didn’t like it! All in all we thought this repurposing of the old stove was a brilliant, novel idea, and very eclectic too!

(Remember to check your local zoning bylaws for guidance on burning things in your backyard. And be careful!)


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