I knew this day would come eventually but I never thought it would happen so fast. Especially after going through all the motions (and emotions) with my son a couple of years ago I didn’t think this experience would be so hard this time. But it is. In five months baby girl will be packed up and moved into residence at her choice of college. 

As a mother I feel her hardships as if they were my own. When she turns a certain way or gets a look in her eye I am transported back to when we first saw each other. Her eyes were so bright and curious and shocked by the brightness of the world. As a toddler she was always on the go, checking out ‘all the things’ and meeting everyone. 

She’s grown up so much this last year at highschool. I’ve seen her go from a teen who is not sure about what direction to take for her life, to one who made a decision, acted with intention and is now moving with determination in a direction she chose.

That is a very tall order in today’s world.

uncommon goods picture

Most adults don’t realize how hard it is these days to find a place to fit in and successfully get a job in that field. My daughter did a lot of research, spoke with people in the field, in several fields actually, and picked what she feels is the best option for her. I am so proud of her.

Her father, brother and I have watched her blossom in the last year. We have seen her grow into a confident, determined young woman. She pulled up her socks academically, set down some new study habits, and learned about working toward an achievable goal. We have always told her that if she believes she can do something she will be able to do it. 

While looking for a graduation gift, I came across a very interesting, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible online company called Uncommon Goods. I found some items with the quote ‘She believed she could so she did’ on them. These words perfectly capture her journey in the last year of highschool and is appropriate to continue with her throughout college.

Uncommon Goods just started shipping to Canada so I selected a laptop bag for her to take to class, a phone case to carry around everywhere, and a picture of the quote for her dorm room wall. Repeating positive mantras helps achieve success right? 

These items arrived in a timely manner and were packaged very well. They are all excellent quality including the phone case that is snug and durable. You can get these for pretty much any phone you have.

uncommon goods phone caseThe computer bag will fit her laptop in it perfectly plus it has just enough padding to protect it from bumps on campus. 

uncommon goods laptop

By the way, the picture you see above has felt circles covering the hardware on the back so you won’t scratch your wall on the bits of metal – very impressive construction. 

I encourage you to check out Uncommon Goods yourself. They have very unique items, many created to order by artisits and customizable for birthdays, for your graduate, decorating your home or dorm room, mother’s day etc. These collections are impressive and there are some very cool things for men and women. I have my wishlist set up already! 

I’ll post more about this process of having number two move out – perhaps an Empty Next post soon LOL. Have a great day!

I was compensated to write this post but all opinions are, as usual, my own and honest. 



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