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Have you ever worked in an elected capacity? Or been an integral piece of a governing body? Do you know how being part of a team like that works or are you among the many who think you can do whatever you want as long as you win an election?

It’s sad really. It seems as though many people really believe that an elected official makes all the decisions on their own.

They don’t realize that it’s about being part of the decision making group. In our country at least. Whether you are Prime Minister, an MPP, or a local Councillor you are part of a team. You represent your people. Sometimes that could mean you speak on behalf of other elected officials, sometimes it means individual residents. You don’t do whatever you want – you do what the people you represent want.

I get nervous when I hear candidates promising to make all sorts of changes when they get elected. This makes me not vote for them. That is irresponsible.

That person either thinks we’re all idiots or they honestly haven’t a clue as to how our government works.

Either way they are out of the running in my opinion.

The other thing I’ve learned along the way is that it is damn hard work to take care of our great country – at all levels. It is certainly a joint effort with many individuals. Regardless of which party a winning candidate represents, there are only so many steps one can take to rule effectively. Once you get into the governing office you are faced with different realities than when you are on the outside looking in.


So here I am, with 30 years of voting behind me and I have finally decided how I will decide who to vote for.

  1. I won’t vote for a candidate based on what the party says they will do for the country because they ultimately all do the same thing. I will look at the candidates closest to me and find out what they will do for my community.
  2. I won’t vote for the person in my community who was elected to the municipal position a year ago and then flip flopped to the Federal level. They haven’t done anything anyway.
  3. The colour of the party hasn’t made a difference in 30 years – they are all the same when they are in power. ( Although I won’t even consider the crazy outer rim noobs. )

That leaves me with 2 viable choices for the individual who I want to represent my interests in my community for the near future. Now on to do the research and hopefully meet them.

I look forward to hearing every elector’s opinion about this election in the results. Remember to get out there on or before October 19th and do your due diligence!

It is your responsibility.


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