5 Reasons Why I Don’t Want to Post

Today I want to tell you why I don’t feel like writing a post. I’ll start at the least important reason and work my way up. I have great excuses:

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I don’t feel very creative right now. It takes a lot of effort for me to push ideas out, develop them, edit the heck out of them and then publish them. The words are one thing but even my favourite part – the images, takes so much energy. I am just not feeling it right now. I think all the creative bones in my body have decalcified since the year started.

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My house is really messy. Any time I sit down to write I feel guilty about what I should be doing instead. Want to know a really terrible secret? My Christmas tree is still up. ( It’s just early for next year I told my husband. )

Housework is not high up on my priority list. As a matter of fact I have this sign up on my front door as a warning. I tell people if they want to come visit me they can show up at any time and if they want to visit my house they have to make an appointment. I tend to clean the most vigorously a few minutes before visitors arrive. 

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This weather is very enticing to my dogs. As two little, hairy Shih Tzus they are most excited by going outside in the snow. This week, we’ve had lots of snow show up. But while these two love playing in the snow, they don’t like it when it melts after a few minutes, or when their bellies first touch it. ( Give them a break – their bellies are only a couple inches off the ground. )

I don’t like it. Plus, it’s always an adjustment for them at the beginning of ‘snow’ season. This year has been crazy with unseasonal warm temperatures, then a big dump, then the warm again, over and over. In and out and in and out. During the thaw they sure find disgusting melting things to roll in ugh. It’s been chaotic trying to keep them dried off when they come in. No time to prepare blog posts with this going on. 

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December was a very busy time for my blog. It was my second Christmas season and I went all out. I had finished a blogging challenge month in November, where I posted daily. Then I was able to, fortunately, write and post many blogs, product evaluations, and my first ever Gift Guide on monthly subscription services. That, my friends, was in addition to my first attempt in years to embrace the jolly holiday spirit. It’s left me feeling burned out. 


My biggest excuse ever for not wanting to blog this week is because I hurt my back for the first time. Like, really messed it up. I can’t believe I could do such harm to myself and not have a clue as to how it happened. All I know is that suddenly I can’t wipe my butt very easily, or put on socks, or stand up or sit down or lie down or find a comfortable, pain free position. It’s ridiculous.

I sneezed the other day and saw stars it hurt so much. What the heck? After a whole day of not being able to take a deep breath I finally went to get medical advice.

Pulled or torn muscle they say.

Up to four weeks to heal they say.

Not bloody likely I say.

There is no way I’ll let my body treat me this way for no reason. I usually heal fast so fingers crossed. I’ve never experienced a pain I couldn’t ignore or breath through. Two gigantic babies with no pain meds during labour were easier to deal with. This situation has not only stopped me doing things because of the pain, it’s made certain movements impossible. I felt like a turtle stuck on my back yesterday after trying to find a comfortable ‘pain free’ position to lie down in. It took me 45 minutes to get out of that.

My husband says I should look at it as good practice for when I get old. HA – I am old! ( If I could have gotten my foot up to his butt he’d have laughed less I tell you. )

So that is why I don’t feel like writing this week. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of the ladies of this #FiveonFriday blogging group I’m in I wouldn’t have bothered today. But to be honest, I feel guilty. And sheepish that I’ve neglected my blog lately. 

Check out what they’ve done this week:

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