Thing 2 and I decided to attend the popular and well attended ‘Holiday Entertaining with President’s Choice’ cooking class this year. The fee was $10 and it goes to their children’s charity. (For more information about the classes available, look at their online schedule here.)

On the menu we were introduced to some delicious seasonal offerings – new for us, from the new product line up. pc1

Chef Julia did an excellent job explaining technique and other miscellaneous tips as she went along. I’ve been preparing food for 40 years and every time I go to one of these sessions I learn from her. 

Here are some of these tips:

  • Roast root vegetables on one big tray after the turkey or roast comes out if you are short on oven room.  (While your meat is ‘resting’.)
  • Throwing spilled salt over your shoulder originated from an ancient belief that spilling spices was considered criminal – possibly due to their expense? Further ‘Googling’ revealed this:
    • The Last Supper has given us two common superstitions: the first is that you should never seat 13 at dinner, and the second is that spilling salt brings bad luck.
    • If you look closely at Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper, you can see that Judas has knocked the salt cellar over with his elbow. Thanks to Judas Iscariot, spilled salt is associated with treachery and lies. If you do spill salt, a pinch thrown over your left shoulder is supposed to blind the devil waiting there.
    • via Why do we throw salt over our shoulder and other superstitions answered | Daily Mail Online.
  • Robin Hood will be selling gluten free flour at Loblaws soon.
  • 2 sticks is one cup of butter.
  • 17lb angus prime rib roast triple ‘a’ is very expensive now at  $324.
  • Unsalted butter doesn’t last as long as salted as the salt acts as preservative. If you use unsalted in your recipes, make sure to compensate elsewhere with salt. Same if you substitute salted butter. 
  • Cream now has many ingredients to help preserve it. Up until very recently it was just one ingredient – cream. This is very sad. 
  • ‘Seasoned’ means injected with saline solution so it doesn’t dry out. 
  • Cinnamon ornaments. – to make combine one cup cinnamon and applesauce and tbsp glue then cut with cookie cutters to make ornaments for tree.

We had this as our appetizer:


Then the main course: 


And finally the incredible finish:

Whip cream so stiff she held it over her head!

Thing 2 and I had not previously enjoyed Lamb but tonight we did. This was a delicious meal. Chef Julia made it all look so easy! I will definitely attempt to do make this myself one day.

Favourite part: The Apple Butter Tartlets.

Check out your local Loblaws store for the next class in your neighbourhood! 

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